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The GOLGOPEL Collection

Pop-up store until October 20, 2019

Opel Neue Welle, the editorial and collaborative platform launched by Opel in 2015 to highlight the urban creative “new waves”, gave carte blanche to Golgotha to reinterpret the Opel Elektro GT universe. This fully electric‑powered prototype created by the German car manufacturer in 1971 beat six times the world speed record for electric vehicles.

An up-and-coming force in the Parisian young avant-garde, the creative studio wanted to revisit the tiring merchandising of the automotive industry through a sci-fi streetwear version dedicated to this retro-futuristic speedster: streetwear pieces with black and fluorescent radical colors and impactful, electrifying graphic prints. Nourished with the cultures of American and Japanese comics, the studio members have transformed the Opel Elektro GT into a mischievous mascot figure named Golgopel that seems straight out of a cartoon.

Cultivating a “total art” approach, Golgotha created an immersive set‑design for the pop-up store as well as the video on show. In line with the studio’s vocation for mixing high technology and craftsmanship, the video required the involvement of cartoonists specializing in traditional animated film techniques.